Women Unite

I went to a concert tour for the 90’s sensation group “Xscape” last night. I was in awe of how many black women were there laughing, glowing and having the time of their lives! It put me into instant thought. We can support celebrities, and other strangers we have never met, but we cant support each other. Our friend or family member opens a business and we don’t even bother to say a simple “congrats” let alone share a post on social media. I know the importance of support because so often when I have started my own business ventures, I was left supporting my own vision alone. Not to say there’s anything wrong with that. Me receiving no support actually turned me into the beast I am today, however, its nothing like showing someone you believe in them and that you’re there cheering them on. Support doesn’t always mean purchasing or spending money (although it’s nice too lol). The best support is often kind words, reassurance and sometimes just “showing up”. To strengthen our communities, we first have to strengthen each other. Lets water each other’s grass and watch how our community grows and glows. Food for thought.

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