Believe in yourself. You will be UNSTOPPABLE

When I was a little kid, I remember always hearing that I had an old soul. I concur. I’ve always been well beyond my years mentally. When most kids in my day would rather have played outside, I opted to read books, study the dictionary and write poetry. I was fascinated with learning. No matter how much knowledge you equip yourself with, nothing prepares you for life or its lessons.

I’ve made so many mistakes and have so many regrets. I don’t even understand how I’m alive and well today or at least not in a mental ward. Life is something that cannot be taught. No matter how much our elders try to instill values in us, it’s up to us to experience the World so we understand. We typically learn as we go.

Life is a very complicated thing. We don’t always get it right, but we are guaranteed one thing; to get better as we go.

Perhaps one of the best lessons I’ve ever learned has been to believe in myself. The power of the mind is one of the greatest things we’ve been equipped with. How we view ourselves determines the outcome of so many situations. People who tend to look at themselves as winners, win. People who tend to look at themselves as failures fail. That is why it’s so important to be constantly speaking prosperity and abundance over yourself.

Even with knowing the importance, we continue to look at what’s around us and worry. We fear. We weigh the odds up against ourselves before anyone else even has the chance to. We set up in our minds that we should prepare for losses when we should be constantly preparing for wins no matter what the odds look like.
I have a term I call “faithing it”. It simply means to have faith until your breakthrough. The meaning of faith means fearless. It means you cannot worry. Faith means that everything will work out in your favor, eventually. If you have enough of it, there is nothing you cannot get through.

For years, I lived in fear. I had three small children and didn’t always know how I was going to provide for them. For years, I lived in a state of lack simply because of my midframe was that I could not live abundantly which was not true at all. All of us have the power to create abundance, an increasing over flowing cup of blessings. That force is activated by you.

I myself constantly speak affirmations daily over myself. My favorite one is “The walls of lack crumble and my cup overflows with favor”. You are more than welcome to utilize that one or create your own to better fit your personal situation. I can’t stress enough the importance of affirmations.

The next is to be a blessing to someone. Sometimes to activate our blessings, we must give to others so that God (or the Universe) will give back to us. It’s the same boomerang effect I spoke about in previous chapters. To receive a blessing, be one.

The last is to watch your thoughts. I remember a time when my circle consisted of women who gossiped all day. I was prone to laugh at others shortcomings and broadcast their failures, but guess what? The same types of things began happening to me. It just goes to show, when we set our mind on negative, we attract negative. YOU ultimately hold the power of what happens to you and to your life.

Life is ready to give us this big banquet of blessings, but we so often opt out for cheese and crackers instead. We become comfortable with being mediocre instead of striving for greatness. The way of abundance is a one-way street. Either we’re headed for lack or abundance, but it cannot be both.

You can’t always change the conditions around you, but you can change the way you think. One thing about life is that everything is there waiting for us. All the good. Everything you can imagine or dream of is already yours. It’s up to you to believe that promise and it’s up to you to work towards it. Nothing comes to a sleeper but a dream.

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