You are what you THINK

“What you’re thinking is what you’re becoming” -Muhammad Ali

There is an old saying, “Favor ain’t fair”. I believe quite the contrary. Favor IS fair. Favor in the Bible can be described as many different things, but all the examples seem to mean the same thing, God showering good purpose and blessings upon your life. I have been a religious person all my life. Growing up, my mom faithfully attended church. I learned the principles of the Christian religion inside and out. It wasn’t until I was in college that I began to explore other religions.

The three of the World’s greatest religions believe in the same God. Is this by chance? Over the past few years, I have explored different religions and pulled the same meaning from all of them. What was that meaning? Whatever you put into this world, you receive back.

In Christianity, they call it “you reap what you sow”. In Hinduism and Buddhism, it is called “Karma”. Even people who are not religious believe in “The Laws of Attraction”. Is it by chance these all hold the same meaning? I don’t think so. If I look at my life, it seems kind of a blur up until a few years ago. I’m not sure if I was just that toxic that I couldn’t see meaning or if I just didn’t care.

One thing I do know is that once I shifted my perspective and outlook on the world, my life changed. When I had a negative mind, my life was based on negativity. I seemed to always attract the bad. Not to say that I never attracted anything good, but most of my foundation consisted of “bad things”. I read a book my mother had gave me a few years before she died about our thoughts being aligned with the universe and that whatever we speak, think and do becomes our reality. That book changed my life.

I shifted completely everything in my life to positive. Nothing negative. Even when a negative thought came to mind, I immediately shifted it into something positive. I literally set my mind up to receive nothing but good things. Since that day I promise you, I have done nothing but win. I cannot escape the good things. Blessings find me. I have my bad days, I can’t lie but by far, good constantly outweighs my bad.

As a Christian, I consider that to be Favor. I have remained faithful in constantly doing good so good comes back. God’s blessings encompass me because of my state of mind. You may believe in another religion or maybe you don’t believe in anything at all, but I will guarantee this, everything in life is a boomerang effect. You will ALWAYS get what you give and that makes Favor fair.
You might be thinking “Hey I’ve been on my best behavior lately and I still have bad breaks”, guess what? That thing you did 5 years ago is catching up with you. Again, I stress life is a boomerang effect. Whatever you’ve done will always come back to you. That’s why it’s so important to constantly think positive. It’s extremely hard to do when your plate is full and so many things around you aren’t going the way you would’ve liked them to but that’s why we are the smartest beings on the planet. We have the power to shift our thoughts.

What is that thing that’s troubling you today? What in your life right now is weighing down on you? I encourage you to do this, speak to that problem. Tell it that it is a problem no more and no matter what the situation looks like, refuse to think anything other than positive about it. Watch how that “problem” slowly becomes a problem no more. We have the capability to make our circumstances change.

Unlock your favor today.


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