Jumping out of your pond

Are you settling with where you are in life because you’ve gotten “comfortable”? Are you “scared” of pursuing something new? You will never live out to your full potential if you’ve outgrown your surroundings but stay there purely for comfort. I will use the analogy of a fish. Did you know that fish will only grow based on the size of a tank it’s in? What if you have shark potential but because you’re scared to either have new surroundings or you’re just content where you are that you remain a tadpole?

We get so comfortable with what we’re “used to” instead of tackling a new challenge. Always want bigger, better, and more for yourself. I challenge you to this, this week. Give yourself a goal that forces you to “level up”. No matter how much fear it brings you or even if you don’t think it’s easily attainable, work a little on it each day to accomplish whatever it is you want. Always set your standards high, then BOOM before you know it, it’s another win under your belt and on to the next one! Challenges not only grow us a person, but they also teach us that we can overcome any obstacle we put our minds to. I believe in you, now it’s up to you to believe in yourself!

As Blogged by Nicole N. (with a little inspiration from Aish… lol)

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