Greatest Honor

This by far has been the greatest honor anyone could dream of. Being recognized by an entire County for our efforts in changing the community. 2020 WomanUp Day is being planned as we speak. You guys ready?

Jumping out of your pond

Are you settling with where you are in life because you've gotten "comfortable"? Are you "scared" of pursuing something new? You will never live out to your full potential if you've outgrown your surroundings but stay there purely for comfort. I will use the analogy of a fish. Did you know that fish will only... Continue Reading →

Our Annual Coat Giveaway

Instead of last years' event, we will have a clothing rack set up at Blush Bar Tampa for those in need to come by and pick one up at their convenience. No questions asked. No forms signed. No photo op. Come pick up a coat for you and your children. Anyone in the community with... Continue Reading →

You are what you THINK

“What you’re thinking is what you’re becoming” -Muhammad Ali There is an old saying, "Favor ain't fair". I believe quite the contrary. Favor IS fair. Favor in the Bible can be described as many different things, but all the examples seem to mean the same thing, God showering good purpose and blessings upon your life.... Continue Reading →


"Fall seven times, stand up eight" Tomorrow is my birthday! For some reason, I haven't been excited at all. Honestly was praying for the day to come and go. Trying to build the business up these last few months has really burnt me out. A friend asked me today what I plan on doing tomorrow... Continue Reading →


What does WomanUp mean to you? We got a chance to chat with some of our members and this is what they said WomanUp means to them! (You have to actually click on this article to view the full movie)

School Supply Giveaway

What an honor to partner with Hillsborough AND Manatee County schools! The WomanUp network donated 100 backpacks, filled with school supplies to schools that need it most. Please contact us if your child is in need of school supplies. We got ya' covered!

Spectrum News

What an honor to be recognized by Spectrum News as one of the favorite community activists of the year. Myself and the WomanUp team were invited to a beautiful luncheon where we were honored along with several other community leaders. Its always amazing when good people can get together for good reasons.

Gibbs High School + St Pete College

WomanUp partnered with First Downs for Life to speak at this years Youth Empowerment event. Hundreds were in attendance at this truly magical event. The events aim was to activate self motivation and sufficiency to allow children to soar towards their aspirations and becoming ultimately the best version of themselves. How amazing is that?! 1st... Continue Reading →

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